128 pages. NY Times Bestseller.
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Persimmon Cup 

Hardcover Graphic Novel written and drawn by me. $27
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Rubber Necker #5

24-pages, full-color.  Purchase at my online shop. com to purchase.
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Diabetes and Me

Written by wife, Kim Chaloner, and drawn by me. On shelves in November.  Published by Hill & Wang. Order here.

Jerusalem: A Family Portrait

Written by Boaz Yakin and drawn by me. Also in French, Spanish, and Italian (pictured.)
NY Times Bestseller.
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Lewis & Clark

136 pages, black & white. You can order a copy here

The Salon

164 pages, full-weird-color. Also published in Brazil, France, Italy, and Spain. Out of print. Used copies available here.

Houdini: The Handcuff King

Written by Jason Lutes and drawn by me. Also published in Germany and Spain. Available here


Written by Glenn Eichler and drawn by me. Out of print. Used copies available here

The Good Earth Graphic Novel Adaptation